Friday, September 20, 2013

Less than twenty -four hours after">Minecraft snapshot 13w38a and Minecraft 1.6.4 became available for download, Mojang has returned with yet another preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, releasing Minecraft snapshot 13w38b to the masses on Friday.

Much like Minecraft snapshot 13w38a, Minecraft snapshot 13w38b doesn't introduce any new gameplay elements to Mojang's sandbox title; however, the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update does include roughly a dozen new fixes which weren't ready for deployment in Minecraft snapshot 13w38a on Thursday.

Most noticeably, the Minecraft dev team fixed a bug which had broken the block breaking animation, one of the most common animations to be seen in the game, and some unidentified game crashes which undoubtedly created a few headaches for those who couldn't seem to get any sort of stability out of Minecraft snapshot 13w38a. They also eliminated a bug which caused some players' maps to disappear whenever they left a world, and the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update also took care of an issue which caused scoreboards not to appear in the sidebar anymore.

Thankfully, though there's still no word on exactly when we can expect the Minecraft 1.7 Update to hit Mojang's servers, Minecraft programmer Jens Bergensten maintains a thread on reddit which offers some hints as to what the team is planning for the next Minecraft snapshot. If the patch notes from Minecraft snapshot 13w38b don't have you jumping for joy, head over to reddit and see if some of the other planned additions to Minecraft 1.7 Update are more your style.

Here's the full Minecraft snapshot 13w38b change log:

    Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed the block breaking animation
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Fixed the item frame map updating issue
    • Fixed a NullPointerException when clicking in video settings screen
    • Fixed the main menu not displayiny correctly
    • Fixed enchanted items displaying enchant glow in shader mode
    • Fixed the player showing up multiple times on adjacent maps in item frames
    • Fixed player icons on maps in item frames
    • Fixed map disappearing when leaving world
    • Fixed the scoreboard not displaying in the sidebar anymore
    • Fixed the chatbar background not showing when typing

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Were you having issues with any of the bugs that were patched in Minecraft snapshot 13w38b? Hoping to see some new gameplay elements introduced in the next Minecraft 1.7 snapshot(s)? Have an idea for a block or gameplay feature that you'd like to see added to the game in the Minecraft 1.7 Update? Let us know in the comments section!

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